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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Mobile solar power station handmade by pupils: The Energy of Start winners are selected

The winners of the II All-Russian program for pupils The Energy of Start are selected. Pupils from Novosibirsk won the Grand Prix of the competition for the installation of «SolarBOX12V». Mobile solar power station created by them allows to provide uninterrupted power supply for the electrical equipment designed to power 12V DC and enables to charge mobile devices and power the lamps.

In June 2017, the winners of the program – Nikita Ermolaev, Alexander Palyutin and Sergey Mendrul (the team “Pilot”, school No. 112) will be able to present their invention in Saint Petersburg in the framework of Laureates` week of the Global Energy Prize.

It is important to mention that the purpose of the Energy of Start program is to promote knowledge regarding energy among the pupils and to identify the most promising high school students interested in the power engineering profession.

The organizers of the Energy of Start program are the Global Energy Association on development of the international researches and projects in the field of energy and the Reliable Change Foundation.

“The Energy of Start is a unique opportunity for pupils to show their talents in the field of scientific and technical creativity, to get closer to the energy industry. Moreover the Energy of Start is an essential element to bring up new personnel in the energy field" − notes Igor Lobovskiy, the President of the Global Energy Association. – "Working with children, pupils, young researchers and developers of energy technologies is a priority direction of our activity. We believe if we encourage the young generation to make researches at a young childhood, they will form the intellectual potential of Russia's energy future and, perhaps, they will develop technology that could benefit all humankind. It means that someday they will deserve to become the Laureates of the Global Energy Prize", - he sums up.

In 2017 the Energy of Start was held for the second time. It brought together pupils of 7-10 grades from 17 regions of Russia. In terms of competition, participants prepared tools and devices adhering to the theme “Energy efficiency in my house”. Winners will be awarded in June, 2017. Also in August, 2017 the authors of the following works will be awarded with the participation in the leading forum for young energy professionals –Interregional summer educational forum the “Energy of Youth”:

The team “Lightning”, Lyceum No. 7, Novocherkassk: Maria Plotnikova, the project “Mendosinsk’s engine”;
The team “Energetic”, Lyceum No. 7, Novocherkassk: Maxim Okhrimenko and Alexey Lomshakov, the project “Horizontal axis wind turbine”;
Vladislav Solod, school №28, Pyatigorsk, the project “Wind Turbine”;
The team “Neytron”: school No. 130, Ekaterinburg, Nikita Lazarev, the project “Magnetic train”;
The team “Per aspera ad astra”: the Technical school at the Siberian state University of geosystems and technologies, Novosibirsk, Arina Orsher, the project  “Searl’s Generator”;
The team “Constellation”: Dashkovsk’s secondary school, Kalinowskoe rural settlement, Serpukhov district, Moscow region, Dmitry Kisiev,
Anton Borzunov, Anastasia Letunovskaya, Danila Barkov, the project “Smart light”;
The team “Bright future” school No. 1, Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region, Anastasia Altakh, the project “Element lighting Smart house”.

It is worth noting that the best participants of the Energy of Start will be also included in the program of preparation to enter the specialized energy universities as well as in the high-potential employees pool of Russian energy companies.

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