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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

From the Energy of youth to the Russian Federation Government Prize

Winners of the All-Russian contest of youth scientific projects in the field of energy, The Energy of Youth – 2016 got the Russian Federation Government Prize 2017 in the sphere of science and technology for young scientists.

Michael Andreev, Nikolay Ruban, Alexey Suvorov and Ruslan Ufa – researchers from Tomsk – became Prize laureates for the development and implementation multiprocessing simulate real-time complex of electric-power system with active-adaptive networks. They will get the prize for five hundred thousand rubbles.

Recall that this team of scientists heading Michael Andreev, Doctor of Science, director of Tomsk Power engineering institute laboratory, got the grant the Energy of youth in 2016: one million rubbles for continuing of their researches. Young scientists were recognized by experts of the Global Energy Prize, who estimate participants for the principal value of their works within a matter of solving actual energy issues.

The multiprocessing simulate complex is a platform that allows virtually recreating virtually any existing power system and testing it for strength under stressful conditions. Possessing high modelling accuracy, the complex helps to reduce the likelihood of man-made accidents and conduct training for personnel working in the power system. Another advantage - its price competitiveness: the platform is cheaper than digital analogues for 2-3 times, and physical ones for 5-7 times. For Russia, this development is particularly relevant, since it is a completely domestic technology, unlike the two currently existing in our country physical models that are already obsolete, and other digital complexes, which were developed and collected abroad.

Speaking about his victory in the competition for the RF Government awards, Mikhail Andreev said: "On behalf of the team, as well as the leadership of the institute and university, I would like to thank the Global Energy Association for supporting our team. I think that the recommendation that we received from the association undoubtedly contributed to our victory."

It should be noted that the Global Energy Association has held the Energy of Youth contest since 2004. For thirteen years of its existence, 204 young scientists from 40 research centres have become winners. The total amount of allocated grants is 41.5 million rubbles.

Admission applications for the contest the Energy of Youth - 2017 is still coming. It will end on November 1. To participate in the contest it is necessary to meet the following requirements: age - under 35 years, Russian citizenship and successful research in the field of energy. You can apply for participation in the contest on the website of the Global Energy Prize, under our programs / the Energy of Youth.

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