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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The creator of a new type of biogas reactor from Belgorod received 1,000,000 rubles

On December 1, in Belgorod, the ceremony of awarding the winner of the All-Russian contest of youth research projects in the field of energy the Energy of Youth – 2017 was held. Artem Mamontov, postgraduate student of the Belgorod State Agrarian University named after V.Ya. Gorin, received a grant of 1,000,000 rubles for the creation of an energy-efficient biogas reactor. The plant provides the optimal infrastructure for biogas production, allows efficient processing of agricultural waste, and obtain high-quality fertilizers.

The Global Energy Association has conducted all-Russian contest of youth research projects in the field of energy the Energy of Youth since 2004. For the years of its existence, the winners became 211 young scientists from 130 research centers. They received 47.5 million rubles to continue their studies. 73 young scientists competed the contest in 2017. The Global Energy Prize experts evaluated best works. The first winner for this year became Artem Mamontov for "developing a control system for mixing and heating biomass in a multi-chamber biogas reactor for continuous feedstock utilization".

According to the scientist, "the main task of the management system of any bioenergy reactor is the construction of an optimal mechanism for obtaining biogas." The peculiarity of his reactor is that it is divided into separate chambers, and in each of them, thanks to the microprocessor-controlled electrical equipment, the optimum temperature and the regime of intensive mixing can be established. The technology not only makes it possible to process efficiently a large amount of harmful wastes into quality fertilizers, but also increases the efficiency of biogas production to 60%, while reducing the electricity consumption by up to 10.7% compared to typical similar solutions.

Note that similar functions are not observed in Western analogs. The technical solutions closest to the proposed development are produced by companies in Europe, Asia, USA. However, there is no division of the capacity into the chambers, which makes the fermentation process ineffective, since different types of biomaterial require different temperatures. Unlike competitive, the decision of the scientist also provides for more than one pair of mixers, which solves another problem - the formation of crusts in the substrate.

"After conducting scientific and practical work, we want to create a small innovative enterprise, and we will be ready to demonstrate actively the solution at industry exhibitions," Artem Mamontov shares his plans. The winner also notes that an important stage of mass production and implementation of the solution, as well as the product itself (fertilizer and gas) will follow next.

The main consumers of the technology are large agricultural farms and private complexes of countries with a highly developed sector of the agro-industrial complex. According to the scientist, his development is most relevant for Germany and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, for Russia, which has a large number of livestock complexes, its prospects are undeniable. The control system for mixing and heating biomass, developed by Artem Mamontov, among other things, allows monitoring current processes, reduces the accident rate of process equipment, and reduces the consumption of energy for own needs. And the use of biogas for the production of heat and electricity helps to prevent damage to the atmosphere by recovering an equivalent amount of natural gas and coal that could be used to produce the same amount of energy.

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