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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

“The Global Energy – 2030” film will inspire Russian students to scientific accomplishments

December 11, as part of the first day of the educational program "School of Energy Leaders" for the best Russian students of technical specialties in 2017 will be shown a documentary-fiction film "The Global Energy - 2030". After the film screening, students there will be a discussion and creative tasks.

“The Global Energy – 2030” film was created in 2017 on the 15th anniversary of the Global Energy Prize. The film tells about the future, which, thanks to technology, came faster than people expected, and shows what happened to the human who is the pinnacle of evolution, simultaneously a source of problems on the planet and its main savior. Participants of the "School of Energy Leaders" program will see why the human body is actually a perpetual engine and a constant source of energy. They will also learn how in a world full of gadgets and all sorts of sensors, what a modern house looks like, how humanity uses what earth depths hide, and what opportunities the sky opens before it.

The film's presentation at the "School of Energy Leaders" is not accidental. "Pupils and students are the future of Russia. We, for our part, support the scientific initiatives of young scientists in the energy field in every possible way - with the help of our youth programs: The Energy of Start, The Energy of Breakthrough and the Energy of Youth. Collecting precious talents from all over Russia, we give them a small financial start, motivation, so that they believe in their strength and understand what their country needs them,Igor Lobovsky, president of the Global Energy Association, commented on participation in the project.

“The Global Energy – 2030” film will become a team-building and intellectual task for the school's participants. After viewing it, they will be asked to reflect on what else can be invented in the energy sector and what developments can be widely used in the coming years.

"For four years we have been successfully working with Global Energy Association on a number of youth programs. This year, once again united, we came up with an interactive project for students connected with “The Global Energy – 2030” film. Thanks to the film, participants will get an idea of what great inventions have already been committed, as well as how much more can still be discovered and done for the benefit of man and nature. The film is intended to inspire students for scientific achievements, as it is known that inspiration plays an important role in the process of creating innovations,"- shared the director of the "Reliable Change» foundation Artem Korolev.

Note that the operator of the event is the Foundation "Reliable Change". During the academic year, more than 5,000 students of electrical engineering specialties of leading technical universities in Russia, as well as the countries of the Near Abroad took part in the events of the program, which includes engineering championships, conferences, olympiads, contests and quizzes. According to the results of the events, 70 winners were determined. They will meet at the final project of the season - "School of Energy Leaders".

Participants will receive a rich program, which includes three blocks: educational, personal effectiveness and teambuilding. During three days participants will have to solve an engineering case on the subject of the School, listen to lectures from leading experts of the electric power industry, take part in a series of master classes aimed at developing the competence of public speeches, visit the power facility etc.

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